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What is all this social media stuff? Folks in the restaurant and hospitality industry know all too well the power of word-of-mouth. Twitter is the ultimate word-of-mouth. Just like other social mediums, Twitter gets your brand out there and helps build on your reputation and presence in your community.

Twitter for Restaurants is a community that explores opportunities in social media, and blogs about topics that are relevant to your establishment and food & beverage industry.
Twitter for Restaurants social media guide

More than just a guide

In addition to loads of FREE information, tips and commentary on the Twitter for Restaurants blog, the comprehensive e-book contains a wealth of information about how using Twitter can improve your bottom line, including:

Twitter for Restaurants social media guide set upINSTALLING
Real and tested advice on setting up your Twitter account, branding your page, and initializing the most practical and useful tools for managing, scheduling, and tracking your tweets.

Twitter for Restaurants social media engage customersENGAGING
Step-by-step guidelines for how, when and to whom you should be tweeting, helping you build trust and nurture relationships with your customers and community.

Twitter for Restaurants social media analytics ROIUNDERSTANDING
Easy-to-digest information, links, tools and how-to’s for analyzing the effectiveness of your tweets and increasing traffic – both online and through the front door.

Every resource in the guide is FREE. Every website, dashboard, tracking service, Google Analytics – with the exception of some mobile device apps mentioned, are all free for anyone to use. Its just takes a little bit of your precious time to install, engage, and understand how it all works to monitor your online presence and reputation. Twitter for Restaurants Guide sample

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Regardless of which Social Media platform your choose to get involved with, any or all, plan on setting aside a few minutes of every day to cultivate. Just like chatting up a regular at the lounge – if you ignore him, he WILL find somewhere else to spend his time and money, and take his friends with him. A few minutes of “hello and how are ya” is exactly what Twitter is for – engaging and caring about your customers.

Twitter introduces your business to people you might otherwise not have a relationship with. The Twitter for Restaurants guide teaches you the Who, What, When, Why and How of successful Twitter marketing. On the web site you’ll find useful and timely information on the blog and a recommended reading list of great blogs and books. Start gauging a pulse of how your customers and community are embracing your establishment, who’s talking about you, and where to find opportunities to increase exposure online, in real time.

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If you’re not talking to your customers on Twitter, who is?

Twitter for Restaurants social media guide

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